Apr. 26th, 2009

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If you're on my Friends list, and any of this comes as news to you, I'm sorry I didn't keep you closer in the loop, but just in case....

  • Was married in mid-October (Brian Kenneth Creegan = Kaz), out of the church I've gone to since I was a kid
  • Expecting (a son, Robert Vincent Creegan) in late July.
  • Major construction on the inside of our house in the Bronx has finished, and the cats and I moved up there last weekend.
    We're abandoning most of my furniture, but the rest of my stuff (minus three carloads) still needs to move. I've been spending occasional nights in Brooklyn packing.

Packing goes slowly, partly because I've reached the point where I hate it, partly because I have to sort out what doesn't move, partly because the easiest stuff (books and clothes) are already packed. Well ... I don't actually hate to pack. I hate to pack more than a box or two. So ... I wind up packing a box or two and stopping. When that's all I have time for, or I have a bunch of errands to run as well, this is efficient. When I'm trying to spend all Saturday packing and running three errands that combine nicely into one trip, it's less so. (Though I did unpack two suitcases before leaving, travel down to the apartment with suitcases, do all the errands, had lunch with Mom, checked Mom's computer, and packed both suitcases, a laundry bag, and four boxes, plus labeled & sealed a box from last Wednesday. Still compares poorly with this morning, where I packed two (smaller) laundry bags and a small bag with spices, plus labeled & sealed two boxes from last Wednesday while showering & writing this post.)

Still, last Wednesday packing finally turned the corner, where I have so much stuff packed that it feels like I'm finishing up. This helps my morale a lot.

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